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Prescott DJ Service Owner/Operator, Paul Hurt, has provided wedding DJ service in the Quad City Area for more than 30 years. He started his career in Wyoming as a radio DJ at a Top 40 radio in the early 1980s.  He moved to Prescott a few years later and soon was hired as a DJ at a country radio station.  The station frequently received calls from people desperately trying to find a local DJ for weddings and other events.  However, the station had no one to refer them to for help.  Seeing the tremendous need, Hurt decided to use his talents and experience to establish Prescott DJ Service. 


Hurt’s significant musical background and larger-than-life personality made him a natural for the business. He began playing the drums at age 12 and, soon afterward, learned how to play the guitar and other instruments.  At age 14, he joined his parents’ band, the Swinging Doors, which played at wedding receptions and other venues.  He learned what people wanted and expected from the musicians. Hurt also saw firsthand the important role that music played during the receptions and the impact it had on audiences. While in the band, he not only played instruments, he also interacted with the audience.  Even as a teenager, his engaging personality made him very popular.  Without realizing it, he was laying the foundation for a very successful future DJ career.


Beginning in the 1980s, the trend in wedding receptions shifted from hiring live bands to professional DJs.  With his extensive knowledge of music, and possessing the charm and energy of a great Masters of Ceremony, Hurt was ready to enter the wedding DJ business.


Fast forward 30 years and, today, Hurt is one of the most popular and successful wedding DJs in the Quad City Area.


When asked to name the key qualities of a great wedding DJ, Hurt replied, “Service! You want to ensure the bride and groom are getting exactly what they want on their special day.”  Hurt knows that everything – the music, scheduling a timeline, and interacting with guests – all must be coordinated and included to provide an amazing reception.  He added, “A great DJ also knows how to read the group and respond accordingly.  The DJ needs a ‘script,’ but must know when to be flexible based on how everything is progressing and what the audience likes and wants musically.  The bottom line is that a great wedding DJ makes a reception move along smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish.”


Paul’s experience as a professional wedding DJ is second to none.  He uses a state-of-the-art music system and lighting for an amazing experience.

If a wedding is in your future, please call Paul at 928-713-1882 or 928-772-7150.

Why Choose Us

Prescott DJ Service is the best choice for your wedding or event!

We know how to make your wedding or special event one you and your guests will never forget by providing:

  • A state-of-the-art system with more than 15,000 song titles

  • Advanced, dynamic lights and special effects

  • Original music from the 1940s to today.

  • Personalized pre-event planning that focuses on your goals and desires.

  • Fun, interactive activities that engage your guests and create lasting memories.

How It Works

From the moment you book your event date with Prescott DJ Service, you'll be assured that everything will be done to make your day memorable.

Wedding Preparation

After booking, you'll receive a Bridal Planner Outline Package to help you think through and plan the details of your reception. Two weeks before your special day, you'll meet with Paul to review the Planner together and finalize all the details. 


Need help finding the right songs for your first dance, your father-daughter dance, and to get your guests on the dance floor? One of our favorite resources is DJ Intelligence that contains hundreds of the most popular and traditional songs for your reception. 

Your Big Day

Paul will arrive an hour before your event to set up and prepare to welcome your guests.  He also will provide a wireless microphone for introductions, toasts, and additional announcements.

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